Production of biochar and energy from waste wood

Schwaz - AT


  • Utilising waste wood that currently is burned + generating a quality product output for a regional loop

  • Production of biochar (activated charcoal) for treatment of heavy contaminated waste water (landfill leachate)

  • Current process runs with wood chips from untreated wood. Technology needs to be adopted to waste wood input

  • The produced charcoal from waste wood is classified as a waste product. Strategies and concepts for the utilization of this charcoal need to be developed and an adequate legislative setting established


expected results

possible constraints

  • 1 quality product generated

  • 1 regional loop created for waste wood with regional application in the treatment of highly contaminated waste water (e.g. landfill leachate)

  • Lab results confirming quality of product

Challenges to run a stable gasification and to produce a quality product:

  • Quality of waste wood

  • Age of waste wood

  • Contaminants


pilot progress and news


An english subtitled video describing the "Production of biochar and energy from waste wood" pilot action in Tyrol has been published on youtube at the following link.


The project plan and tender for the selection of the technology providers for the thermochemical processes have been set up.

For more informations on the pilot case, please contact:

Christian Leonhartsberger - Waste Management Association Mid-Tyrol

tel: +43 5242 62400 26