Valorizing of olive by-product (olive mill pomace) - olive oil production

Split, Dalmatia County, Croatia


  • Possibility of composting the olive by-product (olive mill pomace) from the production of olive oil

  • The CE solution provides the composting of olive by-products.

  • This process allows the return of nutrients to agricultural land.

  • Possible use of the olive by-product is as agricultural fertilizer.


expected results

possible constraints

  • Confirmation of LCA estimations and calculations

  • Confirmation of the oportunities

  • Confirmation of assumptions

  • Checking specific waste composition

  • Long period of composting (6-9 months)


pilot progress and news

This section is currently being updated

For more informations on the pilot case, please contact:

Ivo Benzon - RERA Ivana Živaljić - Cistoca Cetinske krajine Ltd.

tel: 00385 21 599 986 0038 0211668-15