Valorizing fish processing residues in a Biorafinery pilot concept

Trilj, Splitsko-dalmatinska županija, Croatia


  • Valorization of high-value fish by-product which is only partially valorized by the current method of disposal.

  • Suggested CE solution primarily valorizes high-value omega 3 acids that can be extracted from high-value by-product ( oil extraction, transesterification... biorafinery plant) and placed on the pharmaceutical market.

  • Considering, it is possible to use high-quality blue fish in an optimal way, with the possibility of extracting additional competitive advantages of the fish processing company.

  • The results can easily be transposed to similar plants, many of which are in the territory of SD County, but also in other coastal counties of the Republic of Croatia.


expected results

possible constraints

  • Confirmation of LCA estimations and calculations

  • Confirmation of the oportunities

  • Laboratory confirmation of assumptions

  • Checking specific waste composition

  • Omega 3 oil production, quality control and its market value

  • Inability to make a pilot biorafinery due to complex equipment


pilot progress and news

This section is currently being updated

For more informations on the pilot case, please contact:

Ivo Benzon - RERA Ivana Živaljić - Cistoca Cetinske krajine Ltd.

tel: 00385 21 599 986 0038 0211668-15