PVC selection from plastic waste

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THe case


ETRA manages urban like plastic waste, including PVC items which are currently sent to disposal in landfill. Aim of the pilot is to test the selection of PVC deriving from different waste flows brought to its selection plants:

  1. Bulky waste

  2. Hard plastic waste

  3. Industrial, C&D waste

The main phases are the following:

  • Agreement with PVC forum (business association)

  • Agreement with the PVC recycler

  • Training sessions with the selection plant operators

  • PVC selection

expected results

possible costraints

  • Reduction of disposal in landfill

  • Increase in material recovery

  • Improvement of secondary plastic waste management

  • Improvement of the environmental profile of the company services (positive message to companies and citizens)

  • Difficulty in the selection of multimaterial items

  • Transportation cost related to possible low amount collected

Timetable 2019/20

Pilot progress and news

For more informations on the pilot case, please contact:

Lorena Franz - ARPAV Omar Gatto - Etra Spa

progetti@arpa.veneto.it o.gatto@etraspa.it

tel: +39 0422 558640-47 +39 049 8098682