Production of multi-material board from multipolymer waste

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The case


The case will develope a waste stream of mixed plastics PC and PI produced in the recycling of PVC waste. The PVC recycling process will be carried out without the use of water, therefore, the multipolymer waste will be processed without washing and the final product may have many inclusions of other substances, such as sand, stones, and ceramics. The waste in the landfill will habe to be reduced, especially if it is made of plastic and the production process requires less energy consumption in comparison with materials previously offered on the market. The manufactured product will have better properties than those available on the market.

Expected results

possible constraints

  • Reduce the amount of waste in the landfill, especially if it is made of plastics.

  • Manufacture a product with better properties than those available on the market - greater mechanical strength than PE, better resistance to moisture than MDF.

  • The product currently has no market substitute, so there is no competition.

  • The general research proposal will therefore be a recommendation to choose the technology of multi-material board production in order to influence the environment to the smallest possible extent.

  • The product currently has no market substitute - therefore, it can only be compared to a hypothetical product.

  • Carefully approach sensitivity analysis

  • It should be noted that the process is energy-intensive (Environmental energy production costs against environmental landfill costs)


pilot progress and news

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