Make granulate from waste tyre

Tatabánya Industrial Park - HU


  • Waste stream: waste tyres and vulcanized & unvulcanized rubber
  • Energy recovery now
  • Alternative solution: make granulate mechanically and use it in other processes
  • Raw material into roadbed to optimize the quality of bitumen
  • Use of the waste tyres and residues in cement industry (possibility of co- incineration)
  • Rubber bricks production – could be a real alternative?


expected results

possible constraints

  • Recycling instead of incineration
  • Less distance and cost of transport – reduce of environmental impact
  • Avoided technical problems during incineration
  • Rubber + bitumen mixture becomes waste ?
  • Continuous production necessary because of the huge waste amount
  • Legislation – (road construction)


pilot progress and news

This section is currently being updated

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