Make granulate from waste tyre

Tatabánya Industrial Park - HU


  • Waste stream: waste tyres and vulcanized & unvulcanized rubber

  • Energy recovery now

  • Alternative solution: make granulate mechanically and use it in other processes

  • Raw material into roadbed to optimize the quality of bitumen

  • Use of the waste tyres and residues in cement industry (possibility of co- incineration)

  • Rubber bricks production – could be a real alternative?


expected results

possible constraints

  • Recycling instead of incineration

  • Less distance and cost of transport – reduce of environmental impact

  • Avoided technical problems during incineration

  • Rubber + bitumen mixture becomes waste ?

  • Continuous production necessary because of the huge waste amount

  • Legislation – (road construction)


pilot progress and news

13/05/2020 - After deeper investigation and discussions with the manufacturer and waste receiver company, new issues are arisen. Unvulcanised rubber residues cannot be incinerated because of its form: huge impracticable blocks are generated during the storage and transportation of the waste.

The aim is to reduce the number of these blocks, collecting separately the different materials since due to theirsize and heavy weight these blocks could not be incinerated so it could be only stored piled up – even causing more problems to the waste treatment company.

Therefore, one circular economy solution could be a managerial solution: separate collection of production rejects and industrial waste residues at the manufacturer company. With this process material recycling and incineration with energy recovery can be really realized.

The following infographic shows the waste characteristic and possible feasible solutions which are currently under discussion with the manufacturer company:

For more informations on the pilot case, please contact:

Eszter Tanka - IFKA

tel: 0036 1 312 2213