LANdfill leachate


THe case


According to the “Control and Monitoring Plan” of the closed landfill the owner has to treat the leachate before the transport through the municipal sewage system. The legal prescription could become a circular economy opportunity if the selected technology allows to recover a valuable salt. In particular, the installed stripping process recovers ammonium sulphate, a suitable fertilizer. Additional managerial benefits result from the exploitation of the available thermal energy from the biogas cogeneration system.

expected results

  • Reduction of tank-trucks trips

  • Recovery of fertilizer salt

  • On site leachate treatment (nitrogen removal)

  • On-site treatment + transport by sewage system

  • LCA and LCC assessment
  • Lowering of air pollution at local scale

  • Substitution of traditional products

  • Performance benefits for downstream wastewater treatment plant

  • Money save

  • Further and continuous process optimization

possible costraints

  • Legal uncertainty

  • Pilot plant

  • Quali-quantitative variability

  • Energy sources (biogas production is not enough to feed CHP motor)

  • Without End of Waste declaration by competent authority, the producer is in a risky border-line position, assuming all the legal responsibility without any validation of the Competent Authority

  • Potential higher environmental impact (with a LCA perspective); lower “economy of scale"

  • Not optimized processes; lower performance

  • Alternative energy source with higher impacts


Pilot progress and news

  • June 2019 – Conclusion of the test phase

For more informations on the pilot case, please contact:

Lorena Franz - ARPAV Omar Gatto - Etra Spa

tel: +39 0422 558640-47 +39 049 8098682