Energy recovery from the low calorific fraction (LCF) of a mechanical waste treatment plant

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  • The material (LCF) is an output flow of the local mechanical waste treatment plant (MWTP)

  • The LCF is currently transported to a waste incineration plant (WIP) at about 300 km distance from the waste processing and recycling plant

  • The waste flow in question is humid (< 60% DM) and rich in organic matter (> 45% of FM), which makes it unsuitable for waste incineration, both from the energetic efficiency and environmental point of view.

  • The technology intended to be used is a specifically designed hydrocyclone

  • The material stream (LCF), after the CE solution process, results in three output flows:

1. Solid residual LCF (40 – 12 mm grain size)

2. Solid, inert fraction containing glass, stones and sand (< 12 mm grain size)

3. Liquid fraction, rich in organic matter

The pilot action is divided in two parts:

Energy generation:

  • First trials took place -> technology and biogas potential approved

  • CIRCE: Validation of test results and defining cooperation for full scale operation

Recyclables recovery

  • CIRCE: Testing new aspect of closing the material loop

for glass and P-recycling


expected results

possible constraints

  • Cooperation partners defined

  • Testing the feasibility of glass recycling out of the LCF -> regional loop (potential partner company Swarco)

  • Lab results confirming quality of product

  • Content of foreign matter (problems for pumps, etc.)

  • Costs (investment, operation and maintenance)

  • Partners


pilot progress and news


Lab scale validation tests are concluded. The data evaluation is still running.

For more informations on the pilot case, please contact:

Christian Leonhartsberger - Waste Management Association Mid-Tyrol

tel: +43 5242 62400 26