Composite plastic waste into a valuable product

Tatabánya Industrial Park - HU


  • 4200 tonnes composite plastic waste produced in a year which contains several types of plastic (PP, PE, PET, aPET, EVA, PVC, PA) and organic material
  • Instead of energy recovery we would like to find an alternative solution and move forward in the waste hierarchy
  • There are some companies that can make valuable products with use of waste plactic: plastic enclosures or outdoor garden furniture & accessories
  • Testing and experimenting are needed, because the PE, PVC and organic content can cause difficulties in the processing
  • Possible stakeholders who we can involve: research institues, waste handling companies, recyclers


expected results

possible constraints

  • Reduce the waste amount that goes to incineration – aim is the whole 4200 t
  • Resource efficiency increase and cost reduction to both parties
  • Less environmental effect
  • Avoided technologial problems during incineration
  • Composition of waste plastic does not allow recycling (e.g. PVC or organic component)
  • huge amount, continuous processing/technology is required


pilot progress and news

This section is currently being updated

For more informations on the pilot case, please contact:

Zsuzsanna Viszlay - IFKA Katalin Kurucz - Bay Zoltán

tel: 0036 1 312 2213 Ext. 107 +36-1/463-0550