Biogas exploitation

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the case


Biogas generated in a municipal waste digester is currently exploited for heat and power cogeneration. In order to increase its added value, according to the EU waste hierarchy, the outflow from the digester could be upgraded to biomethane (material recovery), injected into the national grid. In a long term it is interesting to assess the feasibility of exploiting the gaseous product as fuel for waste collection trucks, actually closing the loop.

Expected results

possible constraints

  • Improving the recovery of biogas according to European waste hierarchy (from energy recovery to material recovery)

  • Contribution to the national biofuel target

  • Incentive system will lead to economic profitability

  • Increasing the environmental profile of the collection service company will reduce the local pollution

  • Absence on End of Waste declaration for biomethane

  • Risk of slowdowns because of the complex procedures within public entities

  • Fixed deadline to gain incentive: December, 31st 2022

  • Incorrect management of the technology may lead to additional emission of methane (with a relevant Global Warming Potential)


pilot progress and news

  • Next step: internal approval of the project by the Board of Directors

For more informations on the pilot case, please contact:

Lorena Franz - ARPAV Omar Gatto - Etra Spa

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