As highlighted by the European Commission, a fundamental factor to raise up circular economy in political & business agendas is the availability of successful case studies (in terms of economic sustainability of by-products markets and improvement of resources management) as well as solid transferability mechanisms.

This wiki web platform is conceptualized to facilitate the fast creation, sharing and transfer of collaborative knowledge in a highly accessible and visible manner. The goal is to roll the message out of the bottle, supporting stakeholders and potential new practitioners to learn from the CIRCE2020 case studies, catch the technical and economic background and likely to replicate them.

This website is addressed to specific target groups such as companies, associations, waste utilities, technological performers, environmentalists and public administrations, local communities and interested parties, and its goal is to showcase what are the CIRCE2020 successful case studies and the analytic tools developed during the project.

The library section of the wiki contains the repository of the main project deliverables and the policy & green business options, which is a set of recommendation papers focused on value proposition to enhance and promote a favorable background in circular economy.

The platform also includes promotional videos, paper for standardization and training material for the engagement of new waste-utilities in Central Europe, to encourage uptake of circular economy and remanufacturing.